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Strategy and chess strategy in action, he explained vital concepts that characterize modern chess. It may go to g4 pinning whites knight, or even attempt to hold the extra pawn by going to e6. Life master and fide trainer lou mercuri recommendation. Here he does likewise for the openings, explaining not only the ideas and. Download free pdf copy of chess magazine march 2020. An analysis of the results of games in chessbases mega 2003 database between. Bg5 is seldom seen at the highest level because the main line of this variation leads. This sturdy tome is a sort of positional battle manual the toolbox of the title covering not everything that would be impossible but a number of key areas, viz. The mainline slav is one of the key battlegrounds of modern chess, with adherents among all levels of chess players. With this move the knight heads immediately for the weakened b4 square, keeping options open for developing the queens bishop. So if you want to strive to win as black, the slav is probably a slightly better choice. Slav defense a complete chess opening guide for black.

In chess, there is a general consensus among players and theorists that the player who makes. Chess openings slav defense queens gambit declined youtube. Dominate with the slav defense, chameleon variation gibraltar chess 20 gata kamsky duration. Wikiproject chessarchive 25 jump to navigation jump to.

In the main line of the slav defense white looks to dominate the center of the board and black looks to control the b4 square and later make a push towards the c5 and e5 squares. The ruy lopez also called the spanish opening or spanish game, is a chess opening. Highly recommended this work focuses on an opening variation that gives black real winning chances against 1 d4. I am pleased to author this basic guide to what is a fascinating opening. On many occasions, for example, black can capture the white c4pawn with his. The complete slav book 1 by sakaev, st peterburg 2012. It is notoriously difficult for white to prove any advantage against blacks solid setup, while the lack of symmetry in the position provides scope for creative players to obtain winning chances with either color. An analysis of the line had just been published in a russian chess magazine, and smyslov.

I am just about to start playing the slav, but before i set up a basic opening repertoire to get me going, i was wondering if any slav players could point out the main aims and principles behind playing the slav. This way, it will be easier to understand which moves to play and why. The lines will be presented to you and then you may make your choice. Watch the video below to watch an explanation of the slav defense. At first glance the semislav is just another sound and solid variation of the classical queen s gambit, where black apparently bolsters the important d5pawn and secures his share of the centre. The semi slav defense is a variation of the queens gambit chess opening defined by the the main variation of the semi slav is the meran variation, 6 dxc4 7. The slav defense is one of the best chess openings due to its simplicity, flexibility, and. For novices and for people asking the question, the qgd tarrasch is probably the best way to get a good playable position.

The slav chess press opening guides other titles in this series include. For example, rather than face botvinniks antimeran gambit, black can dodge with 5. Main principles behind playing the slav chess forums. Gambit publications limited chess explained the mainline slav. The chess toolbox by thomas willemze, new in chess, 399 pp. Against top players, the qgd tends to be a bit more passive than the slav. The four big sharp main lines, all still in use at the top level, are.

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