Solarcon a99 mounting software

These tees have been a huge success with the 3 pack, but we. I know on the a99 they recommend mounting the base of the antenna at least 9 feet above the nearest roof and 18 feet above or away. They screw into a bracket that mounts onto the antenna mounting bracket. Solarcon supplier of amp, antenna, antenna types, antennas. When your 16 year old neighbor buys an old navaho base station and asks you the local cb guru of the block what would be a good, cheap, starter antenna for him, you suggest the a99.

A friend gave me a used antron a99 or solarcon a99 antenna. Solarcon gpk1 groundplane kit antron a99 radioworld. I almost immediately made contact with a gentleman 20 miles away barefoot, which surprised me. Lowers angle of radiation for greater range, kit includes 1 mounting bracket and 4 fiberglass radials, new mounting bracket makes it possible to add to already installed a99 or imax 2000 cb radio antennas. Delivery information we usually process all orders within. Omnidirectional fiberglass base station antenna a99. Heavy duty mounting plate withstands greater wind loads. Solarcon a99 is the highest gain fiberglass antenna on the market. The kit consists of 4 fibreglass groundplanes, approx 6ft long, and a mounting. Can be used for export, commerical and 10 meter ham. If you wish to mount it on a larger pole eg scaffolding then you need to buy. Traditionally there has been a large assortment to choose from with many different manufacturers making the claim that their antenna was the best. The a99 features the solarcon twin ring adjustamatch tuning making it possible to tune the input to the antenna and obtain the optimum s.

Before you begin installation, read this manual and the separate. Please do not make requests for copies of radio programming software which is sold or was sold by the manufacturer for any monetary value. And with the heavy duty mounting plate, this base station antenna can withstand greater wind loads. Your solarcon cbham base station antenna comes in three easyto assemble. View and download solarcon a99 assembly instructions nstructions owners manual online. This antenna has a reputation as a great broadband antenna covering from 15 metres right up to 28 mhz with a tuner. What are the pros and cons of mounting a a99 twenty feet above ground. Broad bandwidth that covers far above and below the traditional cb.

Poor constuction if the factory is not doing a good job are you in choosing one. The collar fits at the base of the a99 and the groundplanes are angled downwards at approx 34 original solarcon gpk, made in. Solarcon 17 feet omnidirectional fiberglass base station. Click the button below to add the solarcon a99 1011 meter gain antenna. Base wide band antenna, power rating 2000 watts, 2mhz bandwidth under 2. The a99 comes with a mounting system that easily attaches to a pole or piece of wood. Solarcon a 108 vmt dial match stubby cb antenna ma sola108. For that purpose, please find our contact info in the legal notice. Solarcon 17 feet omnidirectional fiberglass base station antenna a99 and ground plane kit solarcon a99ck. Includes antenna and ground plane kit gpk1 includes five 4 6 fiberglass radials and ground plane mount 12 wave antenna handles 2000 watts 17 antenna in three easy to assemble sections 3. Solarcon a99 experimental results and analysis of ground. Its performance has been keeping the experienced operators buying it.

You are better off mounting an a99 a foot off the ground than fooling around with some of those junk antennas for sale all over the web that promise miracles. I know its widely used by cbers but it is sometimes used by hams too. The original solarcon a99 fibreglass antenna from the usa previously known as. Solarcon antron a99 base station cb radio antenna by solarcon. Buy solarcon a99 17 omnidirectional fiberglass base station antenna 2000w with fast shipping and toprated customer service.

Raising the rings raises the frequency and lowering the rings lowers the frequency. This high power antenna handles 2000 watts of power, and is insulated up to 14,500 volts. Vintage midland cb radio model 888b with mounting bracket and microphone. Base cb fiberglass antenna omnirirectional of 18 tall solarcon a99. Solarcon a99 cb base station antenna import it all. The solarcon a99 is a half wave over a quarter wave. Solarcon imax2000 24 omnidirectional fiberglass base station antenna 5000 watts. Solarcon imax 2000 base station antenna 1011 meter. One of the best 10m antennas to come along in years is the solarcon imax 2000. The imax 2000 is designed very similarly to the 12 wave a99, but longer. Solarcon antron a99 base station cb radio antenna by solarcon by. Ive researched the forum and read quite a bit about them. Reviewed in the united states on november 25, 2017.

A versatile antenna, reasonably priced, and easy to mount. Solarcon gpk1 groundplane kit for a99 cb radio english. I mounted the a99 on an old portable basketball hoop pole, approximately 10ft above ground. Nondefective opened computer software and video game software. So i decided to do an article to explain why the imax 2000 is the perfect antenna for ham radio use on 17 through 10 meters. You can now buy the individual brand tees in all 6 colours. Ven0m 58 silver rod higain antenna or antron 99 which. Solarcon gpkimax ground plane kit ground plane kit for imax antennas. Antenna cb base whip fiberglass total length 550 cm max power 2000w. Mounting the antenna using the suppiied hardware, you can easily mount your anten na to a mast not supplied, a buildings vent pipe or other sta tionary object. In this video we talk about the difference between a fiberglass and alloy base station cb radio antenna. The antron99 was the only cb antenna that i remembered by name and figured it would be a good starting point. The imax gpk consists of a nicely chromed metal bracket and four 6foot fiberglass radials which strangely resemble the top sections of the a99 antennas.

Click the button below to add the solarcon imax 2000 base station antenna 1011 meter antenna no ship item. Handles 2000 watts full 14 wave antenna 17 antenna in three easy to assemble sections 8. If you dont decide to use the provided mounting system ive heard of many. Finally get around to mounting the antron 99 to the side of the house. Solarcon a99 17 omnidirectional fiberglass base station antenna 2000 watts. Antron sold the design to solarcon research who continued to manufacture and sell it as the a99. Some have tried to copy its looks and function, but only the solarcon imax 2000 is designed like a solarcon imax 2000. I also fit the fire up firestick top section upgrade from thunderpole. Demo dummy of the a99 antenna, to be used for promotional activities. The difference being the imax 2000 is 24 feet tall and is a 58 wave on 11m.

Solarcon is an industrial supplier of amp, antenna, antenna types, antennas, frequencies, vhf, vhf antennas. I dont expect miracles from this old beast but i want to give it. Its easy to assemble and relatively light to handle when mounting on a tower. This antenna is designed similar to the a99 with the same tuning rings, inductancecapacitance coil and fiberglass construction. This same scenario has been played out in different variations thousands of times over the years. For the best performance, mount your antenna at least 9 feet above the roof of the nearest building and 18 feet above or away from any metal object or structure. The solarcon antron 99 antenna performs well, i have been using them for years. Original solarcon antron a99 gpk1 groundplane kit for the a99 base antenna, used to enhance performance and give better range both locally and for dx.

One of our favourite cb base antennas, classic design in white fibreglass finish, will give you great performance and will last for years. I had an antron 99 it worked but not as well as me 58 silver rod. Solarcon imax 2000 the perfect antenna for ham radio use. Just a morning installing a antron 99 cb base station antenna. The kit consists of 4 fibreglass groundplanes, approx 6ft long, and a mounting collar. Software modelling your vertical antenna ground radials. To anyone looking to acquire commercial radio programming software. I dont expect miracles from this old beast but i want to give it a try. Solarcon gpk1 ground plane kit for model a99 base station antennas by solarcon. Broad bandwidth that covers far above and below the traditional cb channels. I did have to tune the tuning rings to the top position to achieve a low swr of 1.

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